Looking for 9/10 or 10/10 Mythic Raiding guild

Greetings Stormscale!

I’m Liue, Holy Priest main spec / Shadow Priest off-spec currently settled in Bloodfeather EU, Alliance. I have wishes of faction changing to Horde and so on I have sent this post to a couple of major Horde realms with wishes of finding myself a new home. My current Horde characters (another lvl 60 Priest, lvl 50 Resto Shaman) are located in Tarren Mill which is no issue, I can always transfer the most needed ones. My biggest dream in-game is to have all the healer classes/specs as maxed with proper gear for endgame content, whatever it is PVE or PVP.

Priests rock.

I’m looking for a guild with 9/10 or 10/10 Mythic progress (fine with 9/10 Mythic as long as we would reach CE) and passion towards 9.2 and its upcoming raid as well as future expansion. Getting Cutting Edge as smoothly and as fast as possible in chilly environment is priority number one. Hopefully you are still active, doing re-clears and have not completely stopped raiding! I wish not to play alone until 9.2.

Experience: Sanctum of Domination 10/10 M (Cutting Edge). Castle Nathria 8/10 M. Over 550+ boss kills in both of these raids on HC difficulty.

What can you expect from me?

  • Dedication. I have pure passion towards this game, I’m online several hours per day and will always show up for every single guild raid we might have. I have all the mats with my character: oils, potions, armor kits, augment runes and food.
  • Good attitude. I hate playing alone and trust me, having people around you is much more pleasant. I believe that best way to bolster the environment and spirit of the people is to be kind, supportive without toxicity. I am still able to receive constructive criticism and tips to make my gaming better.
  • Short WoW history, but quite a lot of experience. I might have played only 14 months, but during such a short amount of time I have managed to get two Ahead of the Curves and one Cutting Edge (SoD 10/10 Mythic. In Nathria 8/10 Mythic). I have hundreds of HC boss kills in both of Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination with decent HPS logs. It is not pure HPS spam, but instead of focusing for mechanics to make sure boss goes down. I always try to deliver as much damage as possible alongside. Most important thing during progress is to kill the boss – nobody cares what your DPS or HPS parses are showing up. If somebody does – and especially if they get mad af or ignore the mechanics just for parses, they should def think if high-end Mythic raiding guild is good option for them.
  • An open-mind. I believe everyone have right to be who they are. Nobody should not be forced to be something else they either are not or do not wanna be. This applies to both race, gender, sexuality, religion as well as class/spec in-game. I have proven that I know how to handle Holy Priest extremely well. This works vice versa, I think we are able to achieve anything with anyone. Play what you like the most.

A lot of chat about how must thing coffee is, a lot of emoji-spam on Discord just because they are so cool and countless of song suggestions from Spotify.

Do you have questions? Contact me via Battle.net: Liue#21349 and/or Discord: Liue#8197.

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