Looking for a casual social guild - Kazzak PVE


Want a populated and active guild for a greater sense of community whilst playing.

Currently levelling MM Hunter looking to do dungeons and perhaps raids further down the line

The more members the better :smiley:

Living in the U.K


Hey there Bobito! Add me for a chat Luctish#1984

We are a social guild with lots going on in the guild! We also raid 2 days a week and are very active in M+

Have a read at our recruitment post below! Hope to speak to you soon!!

Solar Noctis (Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist) is a casual raiding guild, we are seeking active members to strengthen our raiding team. We are currently looking for DPS (mages especially)and healers for our current raid nights. To date we have cleared 8/8 HC and 6/9HC.

We are an English-speaking guild who strive to create a friendly, helpful community.

We want to clear content at our own pace. So if you are looking for a guild that intends to push heroic/mythic on week one this isn’t it.

We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and therefore we are not in the business of demanding players to “be on at a certain time or else” - that goes against the relaxed and social environment we aim to create.

That being said our raid times are:-

Wednesday 20:00- 23:00

Sunday 20:00 - 23:00

We have a calendar full of events each week, including 2 M+ nights, levelling nights for alts and other activities from time to time!

So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid or just hang out or if you’d like more information contact our guildmasters!

Luctish (Luctish#1984)

Gormac (Garaidh#21616)

Lossee (Lossee#2651)


Hi Bobito,

I see Luctish has already beaten me to it (I’m not as much of a morning person as she is)!

To add a little bit more onto Luctish’s message which may answer some of the criteria you’re looking for: we have quite a few UK members within our guild and many from Europe and beyond. The average age of the guild is between 25-45 but there are people who are outwith this range and it means we can have a relaxed, fun and sometimes silly fun whilst also being mature and focused when necessary.

Our guild is a successful one having overcome several challenges as a community and becoming a stronger, more cohesive guild as a result. We do Normal and Heroic raiding with guild chat / Discord being active on a regular basis. We fully endorse the importance of a community feeling as we all log on to have fun and relax - better to do that with people who share the same values!

As mentioned in Luctish’s earlier post, if you want to know more - feel free to contact us!


Hey bud. I think you might be looking for something a bit spicier than us, but my BM hunter main is pretty much same level as you. Check us out:



You sound like the sort of person we would be happy to ‘adopt’! I am Guild Master of Battle Scars, based on Twisting Nether. We’ve existed since 2017 (Nighthold progress) and have had a steady first wing Mythic progress until BfA.

Several people decided to take a break, so we’re attempting to revive our roster to get back to good old days and progress some more again without needing to pug. We’re a great, chill community with all kinds of people. We do M+ together on off-days often, do old transmog runs… anything, as long as we’re having fun.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would be happy to have you. I know it would include you change server and all that, and it is okay if you’re not up for it, but if so, you’re super welcome. :slight_smile:

Battlenet: Joséphine#2827
Discord: Jo (Joséphines)#7387