Looking for a command to show an achievement in my UI

I just got curve this tier, and with all of my other curves, I got screenshots of the achievement on my screen, this time I didn’t get to due to the cutscene that i couldn’t skip. I know there’s a script command to make items show up in the UI as if you just looted it without actually getting the items in your bags.
Is it possible to get a script like that for an achievement so I can just photoshop it into my other screenshot? Ty :slight_smile:

For example I have this set of screenshots here: https:// i.imgur .com/fl97fAV.jpg
And I’m trying to get the same for this one but for Sylvanas: https:// i.imgur .com/AzwGGiU.png

/run ExecuteFrameScript(AlertFrame, "OnEvent", "ACHIEVEMENT_EARNED", 15134)

It is missing the feat of strength icon but I didn’t really look into it further


You are the best<3

it shows up ;­)

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