Looking for a dwarven guild

Greetings lads and lasses!
I’m looking for a nice dwarven rp guild to call my home. For fellow dwarfs to share tales and beer with. I’m new at rp but willing to learn. Are there any dwarven guilds recruiting?


Hello! There’s a few good options for you in that regard!


Hope you find what you’re looking for!


I mean, there is a cool one I can think of :wink:


Can well recommend Clan Stormheart, as linked above, from my interactions with them!

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Thanks for linking us! :beers: Awesome line up of guilds, but if you’re looking to jump on board for some Wildhammer RP, Clan Stormheart would be very happy to have you and show you the ropes for some Dwarf RP!

Hopefully see you around OP!

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Thanks for all the advice! These all seem great :smiley: I will definitely check all of them out!

I was definitely thinking Wildhammer for this char. Background story is still under construction, need to delve into the lore a bit more.
I’ve read your post and I like the idea! Might be a good fit, I’ll contact you this weekend and maybe we can have a chat!

Absolutely! Look forward to hearing from you :beers::eagle:

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My guildies can recommend Clan Stormheart wholeheartedly.

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