[Dwarf-RP] Dwarves of the Morodnir 🏔

There are many dwarves of all manner of paths and creeds who can cite the old stories. Sing the old songs and drink to the glory of long dead heroes. And there are those for whom this is not enough. The Dwarves of the Morodnir call to those Stouthearted souls among the dwarves who take no satisfaction with merely telling the old the tales but to write a new one . A tale worthy of legend and song.
But it is not just for gold and glory that the Morodnir sound the call. For within each of us burns the desire bolster the honor of the dwarves and the yearning to craft new wonders that’ll stand the test of time. Do you seek the thrill of adventure? Do you have that burning desire to delve into ancient vaults and bring ancient secrets of the dwarven crafts to the artisans of tomorrow? Answer the call of the Morodnir!

  • Who are we?

    The Dwarves of the Morodnir is a company of Noblehearted Dwarven adventurers who seek to reinvigorate the dwarven spirit by performing deeds worthy of legend, crafting wondrous works and telling a tall tale or two along the way!

    The Morodnir or ‘‘Stouthearted kin’’ welcome any and all Dwarves from all different walks of life to share to in our quest to rekindle a fire inside every dwarf, and have a great time while doing it! To build, tinker, sing and fight and give the dwarves to come something to dream about once again!

  • Ranks
    In the Morodnir’s plot and the guild’s lifespan we find that ranks are of lesser importance compared to the quality of the stories we wish to tell. Therefore we have but a limited amount of ranks. Each member of the guild provided they prove themselves as stouthearted and true is considered an equal. The Lord of the Morodnir is the notable exception, providing leadership to the company as a whole.

The current ranks are as follows:

Lord: The Head of the Morodnir and leader of the company it is the duty of the Lord to carry on the quest for honor, prosperity and wonder for all Dwarvenkind.

Companion: Veteran Thrillseekers and experienced Adventurers the Companions of the Morodnir have earned every ounce of respect through wit, courage and might.

Kin: Those who prove they have the heart to be one of the Morodnir are named Kin. Treated as family they shall ever enjoy the Morodnir’s protection.

Newblood: New additions to the Morodnir these dwarves still have to prove themselves before being considered Stouthearted themselves.

Social events:
Aside from our adventures it is the plan for the Morodnir to be very much involved in creating social events to add to the dwarf flavored content that AD has to offer. We have already hosted a host of events ranging from storytelling nights to great yearly festivals.
There is alot more in store for Dwarven social rp as we continue our adventures.

If you have any questions or want to ever find me in game. Feel free to drop a message here or leave any member of the Morodnir a whisper in game whenever you feel like it.


Dwarf pride! <3 Huge respect to this, hopefully it’s a place to remember!


Sounds very cool. Always nice to see adventurer guilds with a focus on a specific race and their culture.

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Always great to see new Dwarvish guilds springing up, all the best with this :beers:


Hopefully we’ll find some more to join this little merry band of dwarves for a good time! :smiley:


Frolbah! HAH! Grins

No but bump to a proper collection of some of the best kinsman around!
A merry band indeed! :beers:

And - of course!

“If yee be needin’ a fixin’ - Morgs’ go yee smithin’! - free o’ charg’ oooo’coooouuurrss’! HAH!”


Baruk Khazad!-… Wait, wrong universe… Khazukan Kazakit-… Damnit, slipped again. FOR KHAZ MODAN! :hammer_and_pick: :hammer_and_pick:


I’m going to keep my eyes peeled, then! Been really wanting to do some proper dwarf RP on my gal :smiley:

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Och more lads and lasses to crack open a cold one with!

Hoping to see how the Morodnir folks do on AD.


Tonight we had a get together and a telling of tall tales. Using one of the tavern’s tables as a stage from which to set the scene the Dwarves of the Morodnir and even some guests had the oppurtunity to warm each other’s hearts with some epic boasts.

A wonderful evening and one of many more to come.


Mighty Dwarves from all backgrounds! Dark Irons, Wildhammers, and Bronzebeards looking to reinvigorate the spirit of Khaz Modan!

I’m a relatively new addition to the guild but I’ve been loving it. I just look forward to when my work calms down a bit so I can spend more time with these paragons!


Tonight we are having another get together as it’s once again time for ‘‘Tall tales Thursday’’! This time we get together in Thelsamar and share a tale or two before we head back to Stormwind for a few days in preparation for a new adventure.


As someone who joined recently, I cannot recommend the Morodnir as a Dwarf RP experience. I’ve only ever played Dwarves as part non-Dwarf guilds in the past, and I’ve found the new experience of a guild dedicated to Dwarf culture and adventuring invigorating and exciting.

With the current state of Dwarf RP, with there only being a few active guilds around, and many of them rather specialised (Stormheart Clan seems cool, but I’m a Bronzebeard fan myself), I cannot recommend these Dwarves enough.

Hope to see yer on the mountain paths!


After travelling through the Wetlands and resting at Dun Modr and from there to Kirthaven after a short encounter with some monstrous Skardyn we arrived in Kirthaven safe and sound and with a few tales to tell to boot.

Lovely evening with the Stormheart clan and looking forward to more.


After a pleasant and entertaining weekend in Kirthaven, we return to Bronzebeard lands, with new tales to tell and new friends made. However, adventure awaits. Huzzah!


It was a pleasure having you lot about! Proper bit of dwarving to be sure, looking forward to more!


It was a fun time to be there. As it stands. We shall soon set out on an epic journey for it is high time to start the first of our major story arcs. The hunt for the keys of the seven craftkin. An adventure that will give us plenty of tombs to delve. Puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover.

The chapters of this journey will be posted here aswell so if you’re interested in what we do and what we are all about. Come and ask us or simply read all about it here.


The spirit is willing but the tech is weak. I’m out of comission for a week.

Worst part is not being able to spend more time with these mighty Dwarves.

If you love Dwarf rp then the Morodnir is like a Michelin star dinner. It offers both the feelings of exploration and adventure along with more mundane elements of social rp between Dwarves.

I recommend it wholeheartedly!


Loving this guild already!

Started my first night by drinking some Night elves under the table, in good ol’ Dwarven fashion.

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Hey folks,

We’ve been taking things slow and steady for a while and have tried to help set up a community in Ironforge. But that definitely could not keep us out of the action for long!

We have recently officially kicked off our search for the ‘‘Vault of the Craftkin’’ a multi chapter storyline that we hope really brings forward a few key dwarven themes such as Kinship, tradition, creativity and a love for hearth and home.

Down below has I shall leave a summary for our first Chapter ‘‘Finding the vault’’.
If you wish to join us in this adventure or wish to learn more about the Morodnir as a whole. Feel free to poke either myself (Herugrim#2313) or Eadwald for questions.

The Morodnir strode towards Uldaman with determined steps, but after entering the craggy caverns of this ancient place they found they had not been the first to arrive.
The digsite had been occupied by elves of the reliquary who lit the caves with lamps of silver and sorcery.
After defeating a nest of spiders who barred their path the Morodnir descended down into the depths to find out where the elves had decided to lurk. After finding the blood elven surveyors near an ancient earthen archway, the Dwarves confronted their adversaries with steel and defeated them.

Yet no more elven blood flowed than was necessary. Mercy stayed the hands of the dwarves as the defeated elves posed little further threat. With the elves having been sent packing, the party stumbled upon an ancient vault door. This door was marked with an inscription aswell as seven locks which seemed to be imbued with ancient magic.

The inscription read:
‘‘Let the secrets that rest herein serve the needs of future kin.’’

After Scouring the rest of the room, Harv Honeybraid discovered an ancient tome of a less fortunate explorer who died there long ago. The notes of this long dead adventurer shed some light on the mysterious nature of the locks adorning the door, and gave the group a myriad of clues and hints to where the keys belonging to each of them might be found.