Looking for a guild, currently on Aggramar/Hellscream

(Bullóx) #1

Hello there,

Myself and a number of friends (6 atleast) are looking for a new place to call home after the steady decline of our guild throughout BfA,
getting to a point where its just not possible for us to raid. We’re looking for a lively guild that offers heroic raiding and atleast clearing current raid content while its relevant.
A little bit about us! Most of us have been playing since vanilla and are looking to raid 2 nights a week with heroic being our goal, some of us have raided mythic over the last expansions but its not a focus of anyone at the moment (doesn’t not mean that won’t change) so joining a Mythic raiding guild for a heroic team is also possible. We enjoy M+ between the 10-15 keystone range but dont take it all too seriously. Currently we main Guardian/feral druid,Holy priest. Resto druid, balance druid,MM and a BM hunter, UH Dk and an Elemental shammie.
Let me know if it sounds like we could fit in with your guild :slight_smile: I can be contacted on here or battle.net @ Bullox#2290. Thanks for reading! Bullox.


Hey mate. GM of a HC raiding guild on Stormscale. Ive added you on bnet for a more personal chat. Riddesu#2266