Looking for a guild Horde

Hello my friend and I are looking for a guild to play for fun. I played a long time ago when Northrend came out and have played since that and my friend is a newcomer to the game. We are looking for a guild with discord and we are both around lvl 20!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Hey There,

We are always looking for members, we are still very new and small but are growing steadily. We have a mix of experienced and new players!

You can contact me or the other guild founders Gothmogs#2961/
Sebrof#2368/ Maax#21244 Oh and of course we have discord aswell :smiley:

Heya man, if you haven’t found a home yet maybe we fit what you are looking for?

A bunch of us both new and returning players started last week and decided to start a guild together to experience the game again at our own pace.

We aim to have a community big enough to run dungeons every night for those members interested, have people playing PVE & PVP, and are always willing to help people out if needed.

We got a nice mix of new and returning people and a belief that everyone should play the game at their own pace. If that means leveling lots of alts or rushing to 50/60 to experience shadowlands all is a valid playstyle with us. You’ll find like-minded people to play with regardless.

In short:

  • Everyone welcome, just apply here or in-game.
  • An active core group of members that have been playing MMO’s for years.
  • Absolutely no requirements or commitments, play as little or much as you want. many of our members have kids & busy lives.
  • Regular (daily) chill groups for both PVE and PVP.
  • New player-friendly environment.
  • Fun environment to chat and talk to friendly people. (Discord or Guildchat whatever you prefer)

If you are interested hit me up or apply to “Infinite Recursion” in-game. We’re playing on Horde.

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