Looking for a guild SILVERMOON Alliance!


Hello! I would like to join some guild on Silvermoon server Alliance side :3 I’m a newbie player which started my journey with this game :slight_smile: I choosed to play druid resto/balance :slight_smile: My ingame nick name is Ivvia :sunny: I hope someone can take me under their arms and deal with a newbie which can learn pretty fast everything ^^

Maybe something more abt me! My real name is Marta and im 28 year old ^^ I live in Poland and mostly im a gamer girl since i remember :slight_smile: I work as a tour guide in Museums :slight_smile:

I hope to make friends and find some cool and friendly guild!
Cheers :blush:


Northerners Silvermoon Alliance EU is lf you.

We got something to offer to everyone.

It is possible to move from team to team,
it depens on how much time you have.

Social = Enjoy the game and behave properly

Team 1 = Progress ( 9 Hours weekly )
Sundays + Tuesdays + Thursdays
7.00 - 10.00 Pm.
Description :
Be ready for the latest raids.
Know where to find the
latest updates + information
about your character.

Team 2 = Privacy first ( 5 Hours weekly )
Sundays + Thursdays
7.30-10.00 Pm.
Description :
We raid to enjoy ourselves.
Chill raid.

Progress :
Bod 9/9 N 9/9 HC Cos 2/2 N

Discord is a requirement if you want to raid.

Best Regards Northerners

Battle net : Tipe#2310
Discord : Tathiana#8733


Hey Marta! Hope you are well!

Devastatingly Average is looking for people to join our raiding team.

We have 9/9HC BoD and 2/2 HC CoS

We are looking for DPS, and you are welcome to send me a message:

  • Discord: DJvv#8919
  • BNet: DJvV#2890

We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:50 to 22:45 and social players are more than welcome. We use discord for raiding but it isn’t required of you to speak - although you are more than welcome!

We are a very friendly guild and I hope we can make you feel at home :slight_smile: