Looking for a guild to join

Hi all. I’ve just returned to WoW after like a decade - all the Classic buzz got me interested again - but I am much more keen on all the new content than classic at this point.
I played this game for years in vanilla and used to main with a Restoration Druid, and later also dove in with a Shadow Priest. Led a hardcore raiding guild and all that. That means I do have two high level characters I can work up to 120 at some point, but for the moment I am trying to enjoy the new content and quests and level up a new Druid, to learn the new mechanics and get the hang of it again so I actually know how to properly use my Druid’s skills once I do get to the end-game stuff and not have everyone die! After all, I’d be going healer again.

So, I will be very keen indeed on doing end-game raids the moment I get to that point, but for now I’d like to enjoy a social group of people to have a laugh, and maybe do the lower level instances, while I am working my way up to end-game again. I am not currently able to assist in the end-game raids as my highest level is a 90 priest, so the guild I’d be joining would have to be OK with that for now.

Really I just miss the banter, the jokes and the community a guild provides, and would like to join a group of nut cases like myself to get more out of this game.

If you’d be happy to have me on board with (currently) a lvl 36 Druid, and later potentially my alts, I’d be happy to consider joining up. Let me know if you have a spot for me!

EDIT: found one. Cheers!

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