Looking for a guild Wildhammer/Thunderhorn

Hey just got back to the game again after a year away. I am looking for a home for my main and my alt’s. I am looking for a guild that does progression in the raid and does M+. I do also like pvp. Since I got back I had some experience with my main in the new raid. In the last guild, I was Next commander and raid leader so I have some experience in that area(not looking for an officer rank cause this time I will focus having fun and just playing the game. Getting progress). But it was too casual for me. I like A guild where the members are active and love to do content with their guild m8s. looking for a social guild with progression as a goal. I play every day now 3-4 hour. If you think I am a good match for you send me a message : Queiroz#2261

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