Looking for a guild


Hello, I’m a 443 rogue (currently assassination) on kazzak eu server. Im looking for a guild I can join, I’m enjoying mythic+ and pvp. Sadly I don’t have the time for raiding. I would prefer an English speaking guild
My bnet tag is thugwaffle#21616

(Yowshi) #2

Hey Arthresia

If you’d consider a faction change then please add me for a chat - tricky#2757. We might have a spot for you in VII. Now in our 15th year and 6/8 Mythic.

Look forward to hearing from you.



If you are willing to move over to Draenor, we can help you on the m+ front! We don’t have many PvP atm, but I’m sure that can be fixed, seeing the guild is almost 5 days old and has 70 members already whom are active!

Imaginaerum: “A place you go to to heal your imagination.” A serene and tranquil place to calm the mind and soul. Not to be afraid to take a wrong turn and enjoy the scenery and the journey.

Even a noble warrior as myself cannot go on this journey alone! Even though I believe I can slay all the kings in this world, another noble warrior will always be good company. Together we will slay all the dragons in the world and will we endeavour our journey together! Two are stronger than one!
Come join me on my aid to help my faction! Help me with helping those in need and together we can conquer everything!

Imaginaerum is a newly formed guild looking for people to get stronger!
Our vision is to help create a safe and serene community to everyone who plays World of Warcraft. We want a community that helps others when they get stuck.
For now, we are a social guild who look to push m+ keys on every level with the occasional Glory, mount run or whatever it is you need done!
Fighting the toxic community is something we will try and lessen, so that’s why Imaginaerum was created.

The guild is housed on Dreanor and will accept every noble warrior who dares enter the world of World of Warcraft!

Lok’tar Ogar!