Looking for a Kaldorei community

Hello. I’ve recently become interested in creating a Kaldorei Warden/Sentinel character and was wondering if anyone knew of any kaldorei community discords, or guilds?
I’m mainly looking at the ‘vengence’, “Tyrande Loyalist” type of night elves who are not cool with any sort of peace.
Thanks in advance for any information provided.


I would highly recommend the guild ‘Dirge of Teldrassil’, fantastic events and devoted characters.

https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/pcu-worgen-night-elf-rp-dirge-of-teldrassil/72859 - Check them out here, enjoy!


Thank you! I’ve heard of them/seen some of their members posting on the forums but hadn’t been able to find a forum post of them. I’ll check them out.

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A few of them are online now, throw a whisper towards ‘Falathim’ or anyone else, they can point you in the right direction!

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Already on it :smiley:

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I’d recommend the ⸰☽ The Nightblade Sentinels ☾⸰ - Anu Kalimdor! 🌙 and Moonlight Embrace [Night Elf+Worgen RP] for the kind of RP you are looking for. In addition, take a peek at [A-RP] Night Elf Roleplay for a larger variation of night elf guilds.


Can heartily reccommend , too! They’re very nice folk with quite compelling characters (if an officer is reading this, start paying me for advertisement you fiends!)

Thanks for the useful links! I’ll make sure to check them out.

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