Looking for a kind and inclusive guild

I am currently looking for a laidback and nice community to take part of.
I’m highly interested in starting mythic+ and/or raids and any other equivalent activity.

I am very inexperienced to mythics+ and heroic raids but have a big will to learn and get better.
I’d be very happy if there is a non-toxic, laidback guild thats willing to take in a resto druid<3

My bnet is wisterya#2889 if that is required :))


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Hey there! =)

You’re welcome to look at our guild, Ministry of Silly Wipes!
We’re rather laid back, and have many members that’re all happy to help out as much as possible.

Our raid team is currently full, but we cycle in benched members where people can’t make it, and so as long as you’re on time signing up, you’ll likely get in somewhere =)
Lots of people enjoying doing M+ throughout the week as well!

Feel free to add me for a chat if you like the sound of us.
My contact info is at the bottom of the linked post.

Hello friend! My guild is currently recruiting on EU-Ragnaros. I see you didn’t list a realm. We would love to have you!

Hey =) Me and two friends are making our own Guild. Our name is Skadoofi. We are very kind and laid back. We just want to find others who can complement our guild with more fun. Would be awesome to get to know you =) my Battletag is Christoffer#22755

Are you still looking for a guild? SC might be for you! We are currently looking for a healer for our M+ nights. It sounds like our Wed night runs would be the perfect place for you to start and build up towards our Thurs and Fri runs :smiley: We also have room for a reserve healer for raids, which we can potentially support you with building towards, since you say you are inexperienced :slight_smile:

Soul Crusaders (Turalyon/Doomhammer) (since '07) are all about taking it slowly but surely with respect to everyone’s capabilities. Our goal is to reach AOTC if possible - starting with Normal and working our way through HC. (We are currently 9/9 Normal and 4/4 HC - when we return in January, we plan to focus on HC prog). We also have 3 different levels of M+ nights (see more below).

We have 2 raid evenings (each 1.5h) on Sunday and Tuesday starting at 21:30 server time. So we respect private time and don’t make it a huge chunk of time to be reserved! Of course being on time and prepared is mandatory to ensure a fun and rewarding evening for everyone!

We also run M+ nights with different key levels in mind (Wed = learning and gearing, Thurs = gearing and consolidating, Fri = working towards KSM and beyond) - this does change through the season, as we all progress.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact:
btag: sheira#1910
dc: lakshmii#0552 (Or just lakshmii now)
Or feel free to jump straight into an application at discord.gg/KjwDCkMJ