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i am interested in pvp aswell but i think pve would be my main activity since i have no one to do arena or bg’s with. what would be the playstyles of warrior, mage and rogue in pvp and which would be the best when mastered there? sry for the many questions and thank you for the help so far. :smiley:


Afraid I lack the experience with those classes to say. I prefer to support. But you don’t need friends to enjoy PvP.


If you’re interested purely in pve dps and performance in things like mythic, then rogue.

Unless they take away shroud, rogues will always have that niche. Even if they give another class it, rogues still have it, and pick lock.

Also rogues have three dps specs, and if you look over previous expos and patches generally one of their specs is always doing very well, even if the other two aren’t. At current outlaw and assy are doing well in respective content whilst sub is busy counting their shrunkens wondering why they have to work twice as hard to deal less dps, but it is what it is.

Learning all three specs will give you busy and allow you to be ready to change specs when nerfbats hit.

Mage is a great choice also, rogue and mage play very differently, obviously as one is melee and one is ranged.

I’d say rogue though, they have that slight edge due to their amazing utility. Rogues have never really been in a bad spot in pve, not for the longest time anyway. Their CC, defensives, good dps and shroud. They’re a good choice for someone keen to do damage at high level and where the craft is mastered, be in demand.

Judy be prepared to try all the specs as they each only enjoy the spotlight for so long before the nerfbat hits one of them down a bit. Outlaw had it recently though they’re still ridiculously strong


Way more important to be able to rub those big e-peen numbers in people’s faces than play a class you actually enjoy to play?

But if it’s that important to you just pick a class that has 3 dps specs… One of them will in all likelihood be good at all times.
Then you just swap to another spec once one gets hit with the nerfbat.


Ahh, pvp is more my cup of tea ^^
Well, warriors on pvp are a really big threat if they are paired with a healer. On themselves, they have a very little defensiv kit, and it relies over dealing damages to heal, which is easy to counter, especialy if you face them with a ranged class.
But they will obliterate you if you’re not carefull.

Yet, I’m not this scared when I face them. I find them easy to counter, and easy to burst out.

Rogues - Assassination is, in my opinion, the best spec out of everything when it comes to pvp. A huge defensiv kit, with a huge DPS potential. They also have good CC’s, and poison are a plus when your opponent is trying to run away from you :smiley:

Outlaw, I tried it for long, cause I love their style and gameplay, yet I can’t deny that it’s not as good as Assassination. Less sustained damages, more random. Yet they are better when it comes to CC and mobility.

Concerning Mages;

Fire Mage - Easy to play, and really bursty. They can kill you in seconds with full offensiv CD on. Unfortunately, I find their burst very predictable.
But it also means that, with the appropriate mate (everything that can CC a lot), it can be very OP. Rely a lot on polymorph.

Frost Mage - The class that I find the funniest to play (I love incapacitate ppl :smiley:) Huge CC toolkit, the best of the 3 specs, with really good damages. They can’t burst as hard as fire, tho.

Arcane Mage - In pvp, it consist A LOT of blinking away. It’s a hit’n run spec, which can do very good against melee classes in arena. They have a plus that they don’t rely on anyone to shine, just like Assassination, wich is also a weakness, since they don’t combo with anyone, unlike Fire Mage.


i looked at some pvp videos before and i noticed that mages are spamming poly, more than damaging. is that what your job usually consists of as a mage? what is your job as a rogue and warrior in pvp but mostly arena’s?


As a fire Mage, yes, as a frost mage, not this much, as an arcane mage, almost never.

As Rogues, you usually want to engage through your furtivity, use a big burst, and try to cc as much as possible. When your burst phase is over, you can either reset the fight if you havn’t done enough, or just delay it with blind, and come again.

With Warrior, well… You rush, you hit, you hit… Well, there is a moment when you use your bloodlust to heal yourself while hitting. You basically try your best to never stop hitting.


from what i’ve seen about pvp i’d rather lean towards rogue or warrior. they seem alot more fun to play since i dont enjoy kiting as much in most games. is prot warrior also a thing in pvp or is it not viable? and how is sub rogue in pvp? sry for the many questions :s

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Warlock transmogs/sets are hideous.

I sometimes feel devs think warlocks are Undead or something.

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Dude honestly check out my mog blog I’ll prove to you warlock mogs are not hideous sets yeah they can be but that’s because they are based around their Demonic/undead class fantasy.

worldoftransmogs. tumblr. com com/post/186543878991/updated-my-dark-warlock-mog-changed-the-gloves

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I never poly anyone when pvping. Although I never do arenas, which is where I think poly comes in handy.

With Fire you can take 35% of the opponent’s hp with one single (long to cast) spell.

With Arcane you can kill a player in a couple of seconds if they don’t notice you and if there’s no OP healer focusing on that player.

As a Frost mage, you can solo any class or PvE content. The freeze and snare effects together with instant spells that generally crit are quite useful in any context. Although you do need skills - you need to learn to play this way. It’s not as intuitive as it looks like.


Sorry, I ran out of battery yesterday.

Prot Warrior can be a thing in specific situations in BG most likely, where you can defend a point on your own for minutes. Yet Blood DK does it ways better so… I wouldn’t say it’s actually a thing.

Sub Rogues… Well… I recently tried to do somthing with this spec, and I definetly can’t. It takes ages to finally be able to burst (Yet it has the best burst out of the 3 specs), so usuallt, you, or your opponent (in BG) are dead before you can do it.
In arenas, you just can’t survive long enough to start bursting enough, so yeah, I think that’s the reason why no one plays it.

I’ll add that the gameplay feel forced, slow and heavy. I don’t like it either.

So, anyway, Rogue seem to be a good choice for you, it’s highly demanded on mythic+, does a good job overall on PvE, and on PvP. I suggest you to give it a try!

The cast of the poly is quicker than the cast of the greater Pyro, and yet allow you to full cast it. So if you’re a fire mage, I suggest you to use it a bit more ofter :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll add that if you get interrupted your poly, you’re still fine since it will only lock you Arcane spell, preventing you from seing your Fire spells to be locked out, which basically prevents you from doing any damages


Rogue and druid are some of the safest bets you can make for viability.


Holy is capable of some surprising damage? can i get a screenshot proof of that since its the only healer spec i can’t dps for shiet at


We won’t know that either.
You have to try them out.

You at least picked 3 very strong classes, historically speaking.

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Thanks for the tip! Really appreciate it.

Right now I’m playing Frost, as it allows me to survive while pulling and killing hundreds of mobs in Nazjatar xD

But yeah, Arcane and Fire are my favorite specs. Will bear it in mind next time.


how are warlocks in pve and pvp? i played around with the classes for a little and it mostly comes down to warrior, warlock or rogue.

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Based on your OP, Rogue or Lock is a safe bet, neithers been bad since Cata with mage coming in there as well.

If you want almost guaranteed top DPS go Boomkin, they’re about as good now as they were in DS w/ legendary staff.


Druid, rogue, mage

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