Looking for a main


what class is almost always near top dps in raids and mythic + when looking at current and past expansions. i want a class that will always be near the top, and the class should preferably a higher skillcap so it clearly shows i have mastered my class once i have. classes that look fun are mage, rogue and warrior. i may want to tank but that isnt certain, i dont know if i would enjoy it. i like all specs of warrior, mage and rogue, but i cant really know if i’ll like em in actual raids or mythic+.


Based on your like’s druid is all that rolled into one.

Druid also has two dps specc’s so the chance of one of them not being nerfed into the ground by blizzard is 50/50.

Druid is a good class for doubters or those who want to do it all on one charater.

(Moritz) #3

Shadow is cool.
Disc is skill.
Holy is chillax.

(Vurru) #4

Demon hunter already always top or top 3.
They can tank as well and you will love them…


priest has 2 healing specs tho, and iamm not interested in healing at all.


Rogue and mage, I believe have never had (?), a time when none of their specs were high on raid rankings. It varies. Sometimes arcane mages get pissy because arcane sucks this month and they have to roll fire, but they are still mages.

Warrior can be good or bad, because they can tank and sometimes Blizz say “hey, you’re good in one role, you can wait for tuning in the other”.

(Moritz) #7

and that is why you fail

(Dragonsworn) #8

Why does it have to be top dps? Can’t it just be a fun spec to play.

Here’s my opinions.

Death Knights are in a much better place now bloods are still amazing tanks frost and unholy are fun dps and have better dps now they’ve been buffed.

If you want to go mage you go Arcane and Obliterate everything in your way.

Rogues are great at the moment outlaw is fun assasinatian for me is even better while sub is kinda meh.

I havn’t played warrior in bfa yet but fury was fun in Legion.

If you want a really really fun spec demo lock is amazingly satisfying especially when you hit that sweet spot.

Or if you want somthing completely different which is hard to play and master you roll yourself a elemental shaman.


the thing is like mage rogue and warrior about equally. like them all in different ways. so i have to find some type of criteria to make my decision other than fun to play. so i thought historical viability/OPness would be a good one.

(Moritz) #10

well mage has always been the golden boy so I guess historically that one would work although I know in the not so distant past people were complaining it was neglected so I guess history doesn’t always mean something

(Dragonsworn) #11

If you focus on dps youll get dissapointed next xpac or the following or even the following. Me i’m a death knight at heart, I gave up playing him in 8.1.5 as I didn’t like the BOS build. I returned to him recently mastered the build (while gritting my teeth) and I’ve never been happier my advice is pick a class that you feel a connection with and you’ll be happy ingame :blush:. I’m a moody bloke who hates the world loves arthas/bolvar and the death knight story so I’m a death knight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: also smacking things with big fricking frozen swords while breathing frozen dragon breath is cool :sunglasses:.


the pros and cons of mage, warrior and rogue would be this if i had to list them:



  • best transmogs
  • badass fantasy
  • fast queue times with prot
  • fury and arms feel powerfull in their own way
  • good at soloing content
  • my first character so it feels special to me :slight_smile:


  • i dont know if i will like tanking in raids, and if so thats less potential dps spec
  • i hear that warrior is considered an easy class, and i rather play hard classes
  • less chance fo being a contender for top dps



  • ranged dps is not so chaotic in raids so i think its easier to focus on my rotation
  • cool transmogs
  • mostly near the top of dmg meters
  • every specs plays unique but they all are fast paced
  • portals for old content raids
  • mage fantasy seems pretty cool too


  • pvp as mage seems like its just poly spam and running away
  • weapons are not cool since you dont beat people up with a staff
  • not very good at soloing content



  • skipping mobs is nice with stealth
  • rogue is presumably high skillcap { sub for sure}
  • every spec is unique
  • mostly near the top of dmg meters
  • very good in pvp with a lot of room to improve


  • dagger transmogs suck ( especially compared to warrior transmogs)
  • leather transmogs are a bit worse than cloth and plate
  • outlaw feels kinda bland without good rng
  • my favorite spec (sub) is almost never good in pve ( i only hear people talk about assassination and outlaw atleast)

(Dragonsworn) #13

Ok I’m gonna have to stop you there. All classes have awesome transmogs it’s down to the individual to make them.
Worldoftransmogs. tumblr. com (my blog to prove it)

Also why don’t you play all 3! get one of each give each a week and see what gameplay you like.


i mean transmog are kinda subjective, i think all shamans for example look bad and warriors cool. but others could have the reversed opinion. and yeah i suppose i could do that.


That’s the label, but holy is capable of some surprising damage for a healer and disc can survive a lot of damage. Shadow priest does good damage too.
But tbh, only focusing on damage is likely gonna make the game less fun for you.
People only care about dps in PvE content which only serves to do more PvE content with. You’ll be equally welcome to end game content as a good healer or tank, maybe more so than dps as they are dime a dozen.

But, the short answer is probably rogue or warrior for just damage.


i really tried healing, but whenever i do it, it feels off. it feels like its not me. and why warrior or rogue as supposed to mage? just curious


I agree, Rogue and Mage are two safe choices for DPS, there is always one spec that is good.


what would be the big differences between rogue and mage in pve environments except for the obvious difference in range ofc. i mean it more in a way of tactics and roles in raids and mythic+.


Both have a similar rotation if you ask me, I mean, rotation based on cooldowns, except for Arcane Mage (but I don’t really like the gameplay tho) which is ressource based, in a weird but original way.

For mythic+ and raid, I’m not the most enlightened person as I prefer PvP, but I’d say that the range is the definitely the most important difference, since it asks different strategies over the bosses.

Basically, both are pretty mobile, high and high on DPS.
-Assa probably have the best survavibility, and big mono-target DPS
-Outlaw have a big cleav potential, and a huge kit (concerning the cleaving, I have not tried it since the nerf, so, that’s not a sure fact nowadays
-Forget about the last spec :smiley:

-Fire Mage, huge burst, mid mobility, mid survivability
-Frost Mage (my little favorite) good cleav, good damages, mid mob/surv
-Arcane, good dps overall, high mobility

I’m really generic, I can’t be specific over high mythic+ or raids without risking to tell you lies


Alright, here’s an ugly truth.

Skill in PvE is most apperant when you don’t have a perfect team. Aside from skill of communication, which is not class dependent for you personally, being able to adapt to and overcome an adverse situation is skillful.

But, in an ideal run, everyone has mastered their rotation, knows the bosses, and as a result, it becomes a matter of practiced and repetetive behavior. The more perfect raids get, the less they become a matter of skill and more a matter of repeating patterns, key sequences, and practiced behavior. Does that sound fun to you, who wish to show your skill to the world?

If skill is what you are going for, I’d strongly recommend PvP over PvE, as players are unpredictable and your reaction, on your feet thinking, and skill is going to be constantly tested. Also, in PvP dps does not matter and everyone is relevant if they are actually, you know, SKILLED.