Looking for a mature guild

Hello there,

I’m trying to find a guild that suits my needs.

I’m a Warlock main (with a tendency to have alts, lots of alts, later on), and my main source of fun are M+ runs, and an occasional raid or 5. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a mature guild (and when I say mature I don’t mean only 18+), filled with active people who are social but also like to push keys and have fun wiping in raids. :grin:

I’ve been around since the very beginning of wow, and spent a decade in the last guild I was in, that turned into something I no longer enjoy. So looking for a new home now.

So if you have a mature guild, that’s not hard-core and doesn’t try to make a job out of wow, do let me know.

See ya’ around.


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Hi there Tederwax,

I believe you should check out [A][Blade's Edge/Vek'nilash/Eonar/Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard] BEAST looking for starting players :wink:

The title of our thread might sound a bit odd to you, but that’s because we target players with and without experience in the game. Our goal is to connect them to play, enjoy and learn together.