Looking for a new Guild! [H] [Dragonblight]

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a new Guild that has casual raiding and M+, a strong community and people to joke around with and have fun with. Nothing too serious as I am not able to play the same days every week. I used to raid quite a lot in years past, but don’t enjoy it as hardcore as I used to, but still bring a good chunk of experience. Currently am playing a fire mage, but am interested in leveling a rogue and druid too.
Let me know if I sound like a fit to your guild either here or through discord:

Hey we’re a small guild on Draenor, feel free to read our post and get in touch if your interested!

Hi Siltaria,

If you’re open to server change. Then out Thursday team would probably be a good fit. 1-day raiding allows you to do what you need to do IRL while still getting progress.

Hey, we’re looking for a few more people to start mythic prog, but in a causal atmosphere, let me know if you’re interested!