Looking for a new home Pref Raids on Fri/Sat

Hello to anyone who reads this post ,

Ive been playing WoW on and off for years now , ive enjoyed most of the 9.0 patch of shadowlands and want to start to get ready for 9.1 , However ive come to the conclusion my old guild kinda died once we cleared HC. I also took a break from the game then but now im back as the itch to play never ceased. So im looking for a new guild/ server/ faction to play on , at the moment ive got my main on Horde but i wouldnt mind starting fresh on a diffrent server on Alliance or play a new class whatever would be needed for the guild. Hoping to make some lasting friendships aswell allong the way.

Abit about myself, 26 Years old , full time IT Techy , Married and playing pretty much every day aslong as i have the time or the wife dousn’t tighten the chain :wink:

If you have a home for me or want to have a chat to see what i’m like just add me on Bnet or discord and lets see where it goes .

Bnet: Laurens#2475
Discord: ShiftyLunatic#0625

Thanks in advance.

Hey ive sent you a friend request on discord as we may be able to give you a home with us :slight_smile:

Hello. I run a Horde guild on the Lightbringer realm (Connected with Mazrigos). Which I realise isn’t the alliance guild you were talking about, but if you’re willing to consider sticking with the dark side … :wink:

You don’t mention what sort of level of raiding you’re looking for, but I’m guessing closer to the casual side of things than anything too hardcore.

We are an 18+ guild of a wide range of people, most of whom have jobs and/or families, and understand that real life comes first.

We raid twice a week, Wednesday 9.00pm to 11.30pm server time and Friday 9.30pm to midnight server time. We focus on getting through normal and (hopefully) heroic raids, but we don’t generally go for mythic (although we have been known to dabble very occasionally). At peak times, Wednesday raids can get a bit full (although we currently don’t have that problem) - Friday’s are usually a bit more relaxed and more of an actual “Friday feeling” … and less well subscribed because, well, apparently some people have real lives :stuck_out_tongue:

We have people who run M+ - all levels from the lower end of the scale (we have an organised “Mythic Monday” where those needing a bit of encouragement or practice get to do slow and steady runs) up to those who are going for the higher +15 area - and we do have a need for an extra tank who would be interested in helping out on any level of M+.

Other than specific events on specific days, there is usually something going on. We often have a PvP Friday, after the raid, where people will go have a bit of fun in BGs etc, and others will occasionally organise things like torghast runs.

We have a fairly active Discord channel, where people can organise groups, use it as a secondary guild chat, etc, and use the voice channels for dungeons, PvP etc.

You’re welcome to pop into the discord and see what we’re all about: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe

We also have a website, where you will find lots of information about us, guild and raiding rules, etc, and the application form to join, if you’re so inclined :slight_smile:

Are you still looking for a guild? If so let’s have a chat. My battletag: Thorck#2781

Hey there,

We have a raid team that does Saturdays only. :slight_smile: