Looking for a new home


Long story short. Am playing with a new account because I could not get my old one back. Started at a normal server but I always seem to go back to RP servers. Now, I may not do RP for a while because I am starting fresh on one, but it is what I want in the future. So I am looking for a new home on one of the RP servers. Is there a in a guild where I can level up two characters at my own pace, chat with guilds and learn more about RP in the meantime?


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You’re welcome to join Wayward Vagrants while learning the ropes of RP. We welcome pretty much all kinds of characters and we have members who would be more than happy to help you out in the beginning.

(Koranith) #3

The Crimson Sun Brigade is also open to new players and happy to share what we know of game and lore and roleplay.

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