Looking for a new home

Hi fellow Azerothians (is that thing) long time wow player here since vanillia off and on mostly been a social/casual player had some raid expereince back in WOTLK/Cata days.

Mainly played Alliance but sadly on a dead server these days (Doomhammer) and many of my friends have now left the game so I find myself increasingly flying solo in this dangerious and uncertain times.

Faction and serverwise I am easy and happy to reroll anywhere as its more about the social side than the “progession” side for me.

What I am looking for:

  • Social interaction/opportunities to make new friends
  • Supportive community willing to help out with gearing and M+ etc
  • A guild that would be described as “small and friendly”.
  • Mature players who understand that we all have a life outside WoW.
  • English speaking (sadly my personal languge skills dont extend beyond this).
  • Happy to accept a “boat load” of ALTS as I am a self diagnosed Altoholic.

What I’m not looking for:

  • Min/Maxers.
  • Huge focus on progression raiding.
  • Massive faceless guild with no real social interaction.

If this resonates with any guilds out there drop a reply below or poke my on discord @ thrashlisaro#6539 or bnet @ thrashlisaro2627

Hey there I run a small guild on Silvermoon, we enjoy helping each other out no matter what it is! Were not a hardcore guild, we just enjoy playing wow and making friends. Here is our guild post and contact me if your interested!

Oooh, hi Maeve. That’s my neighbours daughters name so therefore I feel like I know you already and you should come join us in ‘who cares’ on Hellfire :smiley:
That’s a good enough reason, right? Right?

We do have a bit of a mad recruit-type post kicking about here [A] <who cares> (Hellfire/Arathor) for your perusal.

We’re chill, looking for a few more raiders now we’ve started EP but also still helping folks level and gear up. It could be a nice fit for you.

Added you on btag too! :slight_smile:

Hi Maevé, I’m sorry to hear you have found yourself more and more isolated, it hasn’t been a great expansion for that and as it is also a bit of an alt punisher less and less reason for a lot of people to log on. Maybe we can offer you a nice warm and friendly home? We have been an active guild on Silvermoon since January 2007 (called Fury, Alliance) so we aren’t going anywhere. A lot of us have known each other for years but we are always happy to welcome new people into the fold, we all started somewhere. We have 2 raiding teams (a mythic progression and a casual fun) and also people who prefer to be just social. We are a small group, everyone knows everyone else so if any of this appeals just add me for a chat :slight_smile: Asta#2730


Azerothians is totally a thing

If you fancy a jump to the dark side, Strange Loop is a Draenor Horde guild that ticks a lot of your boxes. We originally formed 2-3months back as a reroll guild so a small, supportive community to help others learn and grow was our exact goal.

We are not hardcore progression-ists, we do m+ most days with planned events open to all members for M+ Monday/Tuesday 2100 gametime. Because of life commitments some of our team are more late night players but we’re ensuring to run more afternoon groups too. We have started doing EP on a Saturday 2100, killing 4/8norm currently. But it’s more of a chill “let’s see how far we get” than a “Must Curve Zomg” approach :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re also not the only Altoholic in the guild, so if anything you’d be competing for the title of Grand Altmaster.

I’ll send you a little discord poke :blush: I’m @Desiderata1575 or bnet @Desiderata2592.

Hi there!

I’ll gladly present to you Quantum MK II, where people from varying backgrounds have found a place to stay & slay. Our main dish is AotC with a few Mythic downs here and there (8/8H 3/8M), but we do have a fair share of daily shenanigans of varying content in game.

We have a recruitment post available on the forums right here, if you’d be interested, please check it out. All contact information is listed in on the post. My own information is updated a bit down (EvilDonutMan/TexMexCowBoy on the media’s).

I’m available via Discord almost 24/7, so don’t hesitate to add me there to have a chat.

Looking forward to it

  • Cronos

Hello there :slight_smile:

If You want to give a shot to the Horde side of the medal, I think our guild could be a good place for You to check. Here is link to our guild recruitment post.

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, here or via btag: Karasu#2187