Looking for a place for a DK [H]

Hello people. I have recently started an idea of a Death Knight (perhaps highly influenced from the Shadowlands annoucement) but this time on the Horde side! It’s like the first time when I’m switching sides to join the glory of the Horde and I wish to dwell into the RP scene of it.

Being an Alliance RPer ever since I am playing WoW on retail, you can tell from where I come from and if some of you could share some extra details about what can I expect from the Horde side now it would be highly appreciated!

Now turning to the initial topic, I am looking for a place for my risen Quel’dorei, but not the typical Ebon Blade guild. I was thinking about something more… evilish and antagonistic to say the least. Can you point me to any directions? :smiley:

Hello there!

For an Antagonist guild who takes DKs
(especially elves and Undead) in, i can recommend Grim Gest. They are a loyalist Culty RP guild, providing epic RP and chill community OOC, and part of a larger one.

You’ve mentioned that you’re not after Ebon RP, but i also mention Ebon Onslaught which is a good guild and different from other similar guilds in a good way, which has both Alliance and Horde versions of the guild OOC.

Good luck!


Thanks for the link, Kump!
The Onslaught is still recruiting fresh blood! Of course, if you are a beginner - we’ll help you to get on the right path should you need it!


I suggest taking a look into this as well.


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