[PCU] Sylvanas Loyalist & Void RP -- The Grim Gest ☠

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[Somewhere in Tranquillien a framed parchment hangs on the wall amidst weapons of murder and substances of mass destruction.]

Proclamation of the superiors of Lordaeron, eminently those of Tirisfal and Quel’Thalas.

Regarding the necessity of a mutual undertaking.

The superiors of the Isle of Quel’Danas, the superiors of the Eversong Woods, the superiors of the Ghostlands, the superiors of the Plaguelands, the superiors of the Tirisfal Glades, the superiors of the Silverpine Forest, the superiors of the Hillsbrad Foothills, the superiors of the Hinterlands and the superiors of the Arathi Highlands,

in consideration and spirit of communion between the Forsaken and blood elves and in grim determination to withstand deeds of adversary,

declared it necessary to form a novel unit in order to extend their reach of influence to both unlawful events and acts of war. Insiders to the aforementioned shall achieve this goal under the supervision of named superiors.

In these regards the end justifies the means, yet disturbance of the everyday world shall be avoided.

The covenant “Grim Gest” is hereby brought into being.

Issued in Tranquillien.

The parchment bears various sigils of the Forsaken and blood elves at the end.

[This forbidden letter is destined for Dread-Captain Baron M. Blightreek, Commander of the Grim Gest.]

Our Dark Lady had to leave us behind, for she is exploring all known and unkown possibilities to defeat the Alliance once and for all.

In her great foresight Our Dark Lady has accounted for this turn of events. All loyal to her are to fall in line and officially act under the new order that will spread from Orgrimmar now. But it is everyone’s duty to carry out the following acts under the code of Operation Gargoyle in secrecy and with utmost organisation:

  • Assassinate and terrorize the false regime and its leaders and those that collaborate.

  • Sabotage all efforts that aid the Alliance in any way.

  • Propagate the Dark Lady’s supremacy.

  • Aid any cause that furthers Operation Gargoyle, create a network of loyalists.

I vow by Great Lordaeron, by all that is true, above all by the Dark Lady

to serve this great cause in unconditional obedience and bravery

and to be ready at all times, to give my life for this oath.

Victory for Sylvanas!

[A list of exemplary crimes committed.]
[The tales of the evil crown.]
[A painting of Lakeshire in ruins is stored in a treasure chest.]

Morsteth thinks back and smiles.

[Duke Drak'ash's bloody guidance.]

You have of course heard about the Grim Gest already – the infamous evil-doers, the legendary and ever-victorious unit under the iron fist of The Winged Helmet. Described as “the slimy military” (famous Forsaken High Executor, year 32), the Grim Gest goes the extra mile: It arrests and liquidates the dissenter, patrols the borders of Lordaeron on the other side of the world, requests and breaks the truce in the same breath.

The guild is founded on the cooperation the Forsaken and blood elves display in Tranquillien and the Ghostlands in general. Due to their affiliation with the undead, the Grimtotem tauren are a welcome, albeit rare addition to the Gest. Role play revolves around martial and esoteric themes, H.P. Lovecraft’s writings are a shared inspiration by the members of the good old Gest.

IC recruitment can be handled in three different ways:

  • Dungeon draft: Cast away into the prison dungeons to rot for crimes committed, penal servitude in the Grim Gest brings salvation.
  • Individual contract: A walk-up right to strike a deal with the devil.
  • Military redeployment: Careers begin and end in the Grim Gest, guardsmen and elites, all must serve.

To be considered for membership on an OOC level you have to share the guild’s approach to role play and your first character has to be at the level cap or very close to it already.

The Grim Gest is one of the initiators of the ongoing necropolis role play scenario for Void and/ or Sylvanas aligned characters.

Furthermore, I (Morsteth) am a founding father of the biggest (over 300 players) and the best RP community on this server. I wholeheartedly endorse the PCU, if the Grim Gest does not fit your character, please have a look at the other official PCU guilds – there is something for everyone. :blue_heart:


Based and Voidpilled. Got a space for a disgraced Rotguardian?


These guys kicked down my door and sacrificed my dog to their Void overlords. 10/10 you should join them.


The Grim Gest? Heh, that’s what’s up. GAAANG


Hail the victorious dead!


Crushing our enemies, seeing them driven before us, silencing the lamentations of the women.


Truly a groundbreaking guild. Founding fathers of the PCU + award-winning RPers


tried to kill me that one time

they’re nice


Seriously the best RP guild I’ve been in since I joined AD a staggering five years ago. Truly a good bunch of mates.

Approaching my 1 year anniversary within the guild and I couldn’t ask for a finer set of lads!




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[/quote] :

:two_men_holding_hands:🏿:kiss: love u homie


Damn thats scuffed but my msg is clear


What an extremely cool + original guild exploring both the largely untreaded grounds of the belf + forsaken alliance, loyalty beyond loyalty, as well as all things Void!


In Life and Death.



Looking forward to the day I face these troglodytes in battle


Wouldn’t be the first time losing to troglodytes.


Now these guys, they redefined good RP. Cannot recommend enough.


back of the net!


Get in lad!!!

Who are ya, who are ya, who are ya, who are ya?!?!?!

You’re goin home in a blasted meatwagon!!!


This is what I’ve long found really bassed about the Grim Gest. An allegiance of these Eastern Kingdom Horde races that has been set in since the very introduction of the Blood Elves is a treat to see being given attention and consideration like this.
It’s very easy to forget that the Blood Elves joined in with the Forsaken so readily, but the Grim Gest did not forget. Oh no.