Looking for a pvp guild, can xfer


As the title says, I’m currently looking for a guild that isnt “elitist”, but still requires you atleast to be combatant to join or something. I’ve been having a blast getting to 1550cr so far, but pugging rated bg’s isnt cutting it anymore for me. Mainly because of the matchmaking system, that I don’t quite get. I’m willing to transfer my character that I’m currently active on, to join an active -guild with like-minded people around the same age and a main focus on rated pvp!

about me: I’m in my 30’s, a somewhat casual player, but still play almost every day. I recently rebooted my first ever character that I started playing vanilla with, a mage. This is the char i’d like to get atleast 1600 with, but I’m dedicated to enough to go beyond that, since it’s the first time in years that I havent burned out in 2 weeks of playing.

I’m on deathwing right now and I love that realm, but it just feels like its dead and pvp communities are really great, but there are always dozens of ppl online and noone ever responds, so I’m trying it this way!

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