Looking for an Alliance guild on Silvermoon!

Me and a group of friends are looking for a social guild that raids normal and/or heroic (we are by no means mythic raiders, but we do enjoy challenging content like going for curve every raid!), does M+ and other social activities

This little friendship group also likes to socialize on Discord on most days!

Hey there, I run a small newly formed guild on Silvermoon and were currently creating a raid team, not lookkng for anything specific other than friendly chatty people to get along with. Messags me on bnet if you’d like to have a chat - ackersass#2322

Thank you and good luck :smiley:

HI there have a look at a guild called Red Panda new guild full of sound guys and girls who are always very helpfull and full of fun !

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Hey Kaeceras

The Àrt of Warfare is searching for new members i will keep it short here
As you said you guys enjoy some challenge unfortunately we had some losses
we are currently rebuilding our guild so this might be something for you

feel free to add me on bnet for further info Zether#2261
or jump straight to our forum post

Hiya Kaeceras, how many in your group and what to you guys play? Fury has 2 raiding teams and the relaxed Chillers team might be just right for you guys. They are looking for a few more members just to pad up for raiding stability at the moment, they have just achieved Curve :slight_smile: Add me if you are interested Asta#2730 and we can have a chat.