Looking for an Alliance guild

I’ve played this blasted game since 2004, beta. I raided everything up to the original WotLK, but I don’t have time to raid any more. I’m looking for a casual, mature (not an age thing, more a mentality), friendly, guild who understand the rigours of reality and don’t take themselves too seriously. Yes, I like to break things in dungeons but I’ve no interest in doing dungeons with randoms who just want to ‘go go go’. I’m old now, middle age has crept up on me and whilst I’m still a very capable tank I’m also slower than I was.

I can’t play every day because work demands a lot, and I’ve slowly levelled a prot paladin over that time, she’s 71 now, probably higher by the time someone reads this post - I just want a home.

Thanks :blush: character name is Delanthia.

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