Looking for an old friend (Nagrand)


So this post is a long shot and probably DoA, because I don’t play on Nagrand anymore or use the same character name anymore. Also there’s a very possible chance the person I’m looking for doesn’t play wow anymore, play on nagrand or browse the forums ever.

However, with that out of the way:
I’m looking for an old friend I used to play with on Nagrand in tbc/wrath/cata era. They played a female nelf hunter called Aquilaranged (spelling?) and I still play the same paladin as I did back then, except I was a male human paladin called Dontlookatme or Extoraz in that time period.

If Aquilaranged sees this, hey :slight_smile: it has been a while. Let us get back in contact if you want.

For anyone else who sees this; If you also happen to remember me, Dontlookatme/Extoraz, I would love to get in contact with some old friends from my time back on nagrand!

Best regards

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