Looking for Bladefist players of old! <From The Ashes> Classic

<From The Ashes> Alliance EU PVP {ENGLISH} - SHAZZRAH PVP

We were always a Horde, mediumcore raiding guild on Bladefist EU. However, with Classic. The majority of the core (who quit either Cata or WoD) are back for Classic, and rolling Alliance for a change of scenery! We are a majority UK & Dutch, with some Swedish & Danish. We have around 40 the core involved. Hoping to boost that more!

PVE Schedule
We used to raid twice a week. And did pretty well with it. This time around. We don’t have as much time. So likely raid 3 times a fortnight. Specific days are Wednesday and a 2nd day is TBC however will be very flexible. Have fun. Take our time.

PVP Info
We for sure have some keen PvP’ers - so can guarantee some max level madness in some premade/semi- premade BG’s Member Expectations Enjoy the game. Be someone who is wanting good time banter with the boys (and the odd gal or two). Be understanding with raid loot councils, we all want to progress, but equally we wanna help each other out, no member left behind or forgotten. Streamers and content creators are welcome, we have a couple people who enjoy streaming in atm, just give whoever you’re playing with a heads up if you’re streaming comms (This is for both your sake and the other players)

Discord will be messy. It will be loud. It will also be fun and full of banter. <- we’re a bunch of degenerate boomers really.

Apply at (let us know if you have history with FTA)

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