Looking for British populated Guild / Community

Im looking for a British populated UK based Guild/Community. Faction does not matter I have alt’s on Horde and Alliance, My Server’s are Twisting Nether (Horde) and Sylvanas (Alli).

Can play all three roles (4 if you seperate range and mele dps). have 2k rated main and Curved SoD.


Idk if you mean purely British guild, but Ministry of Silly Wipes has a number of British players, including the guild leaders, but everyone speaks English well.

Give us a look over, and if we sound like what you’re after, feel free to add me!
Discord: xWestie#9361
Bnet: Westie#2496

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Hi mate,

Our guild (“Mingle”) is based on Ravencrest and has a decent number of English players, including all of our officers and raid / guild leader, along with several from across Europe who all speak good English and even a player in North America! We’re currently 10/10HC (and previously 6/10m in CN) and looking to get back into mythic raiding when we have the right number of players - I think we are 4 short at the minute.

Give me a shout if this is of any interest to you.

BNet: Ravis#2584
Discord: JCara#8946

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Hello. I’m curious to learn more about what you’re looking for. What type of guild - casual, hardcore, etc; whether you want to focus on raids, M+ or fishing; what goals you have - do you want to do Mythic raiding?

I’m also unsure as to the reason why you’re specifically looking for a British populated UK based guild. And not sure how you’d define “UK based” :stuck_out_tongue: Servers, as far as I’m aware, are in France, so with the best will the world, EU guilds will be based there :laughing:

You also haven’t mentioned if you’re happy to jump realms.

Joking/questioning aside … I’m guild leader of a Guild on the Connected realms of Lightbringer/Mazrigos. I’ve been part of that guild since the start in 2007. It was set up by myself and another Brit who has since left the game and I’ve been running it for the majority of that time by myself, or, latterly, with a few officers. We currently have three officers, two of whom are from the UK (one in the middle, one at the bottom - what can I say, I’m geographically challenged :stuck_out_tongue: )

We are an INCLUSIVE guild … we don’t exclude people based on where they live or what experience they have in-game, so we have people from everywhere. We do have a lot of Brits, but we also have South Africans, one or two from the US, Poland, Holland, Norway and no doubt a bunch of other places (again, rubbish at geography :stuck_out_tongue: )

We do have an age restriction - ages range from 20ish up to erm, lets say almost retirement age :stuck_out_tongue: Most people fall somewhere in the middle.

We raid twice a week, currently both Normal and Heroic Sanctum. We have groups that organise M+, Torghast and occasionally a PvP night.

We are a casual guild, and are happy for people to learn how raids or M+ work for the first time, with us, in a friendly calm environment.

We also welcome those who wants to perhaps try out some M+ with us, without joining the guild, to our discord channel, where often M+ are organised (selecting the M+ role helps if you do that, so you get pinged when they’re organising, because it’s often at that time): https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe

Please also see [H] Dark Wolves - Normal/Heroic raiding, Mythic+ & Socials Guild for more information.


Please add me on Discord for a chat.


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Hey, I meant no offense with the whole UK based thing.

the reason I added it was due to the fact that I’ve always found that the Banter flows alittle better when having a laugh with guildies from the same country as me, I have nothing against joining a guild with other nationalities, I hope I haven’t offended you.

oh hey no … I’m not that easily offended … was just curious, and could tell that others were too :slight_smile: Personally though, I’ve had some pretty amazing banter with people from other countries … a slight misunderstanding of language can lead to all sorts of interesting conversations!! (usually rude, weirdly, but that’s probably just us :stuck_out_tongue: )

Town of Odyn (Thunderhorn A) is looking for a clothie/healer for mythic progress
Currently 3/10 mythic with a 6% on remnant of nerzhul, hopefully finishing him up tomorrow

If sounds interesting, please add me on caratascus #2710 (discord) or bnet caratascus#1346