Looking for casual mature Alliance guild

I've been searching for some time now.

Aged 37 and been playing since vanilla, I just want to find somewhere that has a relaxed attitude.
Hi pal we are currently forming a guild and hoping to form a raid team.

te guild is a group of old friends who have been playing for years.

raids and guild will be chilled out and relaxed.

if your interested your more than welcome to join as a raider or social.

if you would like to contact me you can whisper me on this char:)
If you are still looking for a guild, feel free to message me as we are looking for more members and our guild is very friendly and casual. #Snichy2135.
check out <Awesomesauce>

a mature friendly guild which appreciates that older players have real life responsibilities
If your still looking for a guild you cant get anymore relaxed than the one im in. No raiding, no pvp'ing basically we do nothing, occasionally there will be a chat in guild but not that much. Of course as soon as one of us needs help etc whoever is online is always willing and able to lend a hand. As a very casual player this suits me.

Hey Kulgrath :smile:

I’m the officer of a guild called “The Corrupted Guardians” and we could use YOU! as a fellow Guardian to Guard our vault of …Treasure.

Since our guild is new it’s being built and we need gamers and everyone is welcome. We had our first “ulduar timewalking raid” yesterday even tho Kologarn didn’t wanna play we had a lot of fun together.

Our plans are to be more active on the social part so that everyone who wants to will have the option to do stuff with us :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re interested add Mrhappybunny#2423 on battle.net Or add on Discord Billy#6728