Looking for community / raid team

TLDR: Returning tank looking for raid team and/or wow communities

So the same old story, one that comes around every one or two years.

I am an older wow player, returning for shadowlands. I am in an amazing social guild, but looking to expand into a static raid team (raiding 2-3 times a week).

I have reviewed the current state of the game and think I will be a monk main in Shadowlands, so leveled up a fatboy to match my RL self, so starting to look ahead.

I have primarily been an OT or healer in progressions raids from other games (SS in eso as a warden tank last, MW monk/paladin tank in Wow last time around). I will be focusing on brewmaster, so hopefully looking for a tank spot in a raid team.

I will also be looking to have some arena fun, as I have never got round to having a duos or trios team. Now a team isnt needed, it looks easier to get into.

Currently, I am free most evenings, but when Covid restrictions lift I will be mainly playing Mon/Wed/Fri. So these are the ideal raid times I would like.

If you have a raid team looking for a Tank or a community that would like an active player let me know below.

Edit If there is a Horde guild or community, I also have a mag monk too and would be open to playing Horde

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