Looking for complete class for casual PvP

Hello community!

Need some professional advice about choosing class for casual PvP. My goal is playing Random BGs, Solo Shuffle, World PvP, duels. I am looking for class that firstly excels in dealing well with almost every class 1v1 in open world and dueling. I am planning to stick with that class and learn it well so I can be able in some time to eventually beat every class (not every time of course but to have very good odds). I am aware that there are few classes that are able to do that but I was wondering which one has least counter classes.

The weird moment when a casual player looks for “professional advice” to be told which class is the strongest in order to casually beating everybody in casual PVP.
Ideally, a casual player would play what he feels like from a roleplaying point a view since immersion is usually what satisfies the casual players.
But from my experience, something that beats everything 1 v 1 doesn’t exist, although rogue sub, frost mages and hunter marksmanship are pretty fun and strong, at least in world PVP.

Hi and thanks for a reply. What I meant under casual is that I have limited time for playing the game and when I play I want to enjoy in class I mastered, not to jump from class to class over and over again, which I am currently doing…I know that problem is in me, I leveled every class to max and I like them all in some way but then I am frustrated for not sticking to one.

quite hard to give advise on that matter. things change over time and speccs that used to be strong in duels/wpvp can become weak. same with rated pvp, the meta changes.

generally id say speccs with a good amount of self healing are strong because there is no dampening in the open world/bgs.
i havent dueled much in DF but i did on the 10.0 PTR. unholy dk was busted there and one of the few speccs that gave me problems in 1v1 were good ret paladins.
also in SL s3/s4 i remeber gettin rekt consistently by this one ret that was on the same rating as me.
not sure how ret is currently in the self sustaining department tho but id say its a good 1v1 historically and prob will always be.

there other contenders like rogues, mages, hunters and stuff.

in the end u really need to find out what u wanna play.
like when i started playin unholy i knew this is my specc. aint there a specc u feel similar about?

Believe it or not, there is no specific spec or class I feel connected to. If I look through roleplay, then human paladin fits most my fantasy but then I find myself loving so much stealth class in open world, then for example mm hunter in bgs…I am least attracted to casters because I find myself as aggressive player in term I like to train ppl in pvp, not run from them.

I wouldn’t say it’s a professional advice since I consider myself casual. Best advice is that you choose a class that you like and stick to it. Understand your stats priority and rotation and try multiple talent builds to see how it feels.

Check Murlok to view other players playstyles based on their activities and compare their talent, gear and stat priority and finally youtube guides that explains the class.

Hope this helps you.

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