Looking for family orientated guild


hey everyone as the title says im returning player looking for a family orientated
guild havnt played since end of legion so will be leveling my main thats have decided on a mage currently lvl 111 but shouldnt take long to get up to max

Prefer a guild who does plenty of M+ runs and socially raid nothing hardcore my play times mainly evening from 20.30 st onwards so would prefer raid times / guild events to be around this time i also would want to saty alliance side thats a big plus

Little about me im quite a socialble player whoe loves nothing more then chatting on discord while leveling questing etc i am from the uk hence the later times always up for a laugh but know when to be serious just generally place to chill and relax after work while having a laugh

add me on Battlenet#2103875


Morning mate,

We’re UK based (with European members) and raid from 2030 onward on a social / casual level, so may be a perfect match.

Drop me a real id; Nytex#2115