Looking for friendly Turalyon Raiding Guild EU

Hi. I’m an on/off WOW player from South Africa (Euro time zones) for many years now. I have mostly avoided raiding and quested my way through WOW. I have a guild which I’ve used as a role play device with friends that no longer play the game. I would love to join a guild that is reasonably forgiving and friendly who could help me get good at the raiding scene. I have an Item level 400 balance druid on Turalyon, but happy to switch servers or use any of my other characters on other servers. I really just want to play with people instead of lone questing and collecting.

Hey there, I run a small Alliance guild on Silvermoon. We’re a friendly welcoming bunch who are hoping to raid in the future. If you’d like to have a chat then please message me on bnet - ackersass#2322

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:

I run a small raiding and M+ guild on Quel’thalas EU. We raid Thursday and Sunday up to HC difficulty. We currently have Eternal Palace HC on farm and are looking for more dps to join our team.

Even if you don’t have that much raid exp it is something that you can learn and our group is a friendly one that can help you improve. Please feel free to hit me up on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 for a more detailed chat :slight_smile: Thx,


Hi Ackiepie, I’m completely new to the social messaging aspect of WOW. Please tell me what “message me on bnet - ackersass#2322” means… do I find you in-game?

Hey there, bnet is blizzard, the game launcher and ackersass#2322 iz my battletag where you add me

Hope this helps!

Ah! Seems so simple when you put it like that… apologies. Noob trait 1 eliminated. Now for the remaining 56 things I have no clue about. I’ll catch you on Bnet then :slight_smile: