Looking for guild for player with cognitive disabilities



I’m looking for a patient and social guild. I used to play WoW with friends that would help me with things due to my cognitive/learning issues but they stopped playing. I’d love to be able to play again beyond just low level questing. I am happy to be horde or alliance and can go on any server other than a PVP one.

Thank you


Meant to say it’s for retail WoW not WoW classic, thank you!


Hey there! We’re a small Horde guild on Twisting Nether, we would be more than happy to take you in and help you with the game. We’re a newly formed guild so we don’t have many people at the moment but we always welcome new, old and returning players! Please contact me on bnet - ackersass#2322


While I can’t offer a guild, you’re more than welcome to add my bnet :slight_smile: I have chars on both Horde and Alliance and would love to help explain things to you.



Hi there :slight_smile:
I am an officer in a guild on the maelstrom/karazhan server on alliance side. We are a very friendly guild, we dont allow any toxicity or rudeness in the guild. We run current raids on heroic, and we run mythic keys daily. Very kind friendly people. My battlenet is Lorko#21240 if you would like to add me!