Looking for Guild on Drak'thul

Im a level 29 Rouge but I am unable to find even a single climps of any guilds so even recommending on how to find some is welcome or just straight up invite me to yours ^^

Post in /2 also.

Yeah I tried doing that but atleast in Orgrimmar /2 seems dead

Advance to a higher level, it’s my best advice.

Then start looking for guilds that match your interests!

Hey Nezalog! I’d first recommend figuring out what you want from a guild then look for one that offers the things you want :slight_smile:
For example, do you aspire to raiding end game, or running dungeons or doing PvP, or just chilling out hunting cool mounts and transmog!
If you know what you want from a guild, it’s much easier to find one to suit you from adverts on the forums and other WoW fansites.

Well for right now a chill guild would be nice one that sometimes raid or does dungeons but isnt hardpressed to do anything :slight_smile:

Okay, well if you’re up for rerolling on Magtheridon server our guild is a chilled out place to hang out and we raid 2 nights a week, run dungeons together and regularly have fun social events. We have plenty of friendly social members as well as a mix of veteran raiders and people new to raiding who are gearing up and learning what raiding is all about :smiley:

So if that sounds good to you and you’d like more info, you can hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) or in game (Tea003#2501) for a chat.

Sound nice, I’ll think about it but for the maintime I want a guild on this char :sweat_smile:

Fair enough, if you change your mind feel free to add me for a chat. :smile: