Looking for guild pvp/pve casual

Hello to everyone

I am World of warcraft player for over 12y.

I am looking for guild to join and continue my advantures and enjoy future time and do some wow activitys with.

I am 26y old father and housbend.

I work 4-5 days a week and rest i spend with my family and with pc.

I was on pausa cus of burnout with game and cus i could not find guild who will make this game even more better.
Waiting in grupe finder is something that should not exist and that grupe finder made me leave this game cus for my free time that i have i always spend it in looking for grupe system and it made me stop playing.

I play warlock hes 219ilvl
And i have ele shaman hes 200ilvl
I also have 4 more classes but they are 50lvl

So guys if you guys know some guild or you have some guild who will accept one friendly warlock pm me here or add me Jhonny#11913 see ya

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