Looking for guild

Good afternoon,

First of all thanks for taking your time to read through my post.
I am an MMO addict, played several games up to the highest content possible, where most of all i love to push my characters limits.
Played some World of Warcraft way, way back. (Up to Cata as far as i remember)

Now, i’ve grown older and decided to dig myself back into World of Warcraft.
Since my time is a little more limited i stopped playing multiple games at once.
With the current amount of variety this game has to offer my choice was clear, we gonna dig deeper into WoW.

Currently i am still going through the questing process on the dragon isles.
Once i get to 70 i will mainly focus Dungeons and Achievements.

What i would be looking for is a guild that doesn’t mind a player who will play some catching up in the beginning.
Who are quite active and inclusive towards their newer members.

What i can offer:
(Almost) daily activity
Someone who is active in researching his character
Willing to be a stand-in / back-up player for your raids (but not a main raider)

It might sound overconfident for someone who hasn’t played this game for this long, and it might actually be like this, but once i put my teeth into something i won’t let go untill i manage what i aim for.

Please leave your info below if you think you might have the guild that fits for me and let’s have a chat!

Hope to speak you soon!

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