Looking for Guild


Hi Guys/Gals

I apologize for the somewhat lengthy post. but I require the communities assistance on this one.

I am looking for a guild where the events are mostly weekends. I work most of my time and the time I do get to play I like to sink into wow.

Lately doing the solo play is making my experience feel stale.

I dabble in a bit of it all but haven’t had time to get back into serious raiding for instance.

I Main a demon hunter mostly. But I have no problem reveling another character on another for a guild that I can fit in.

Any advice from veterans or new friendly faces is welcome.
Thanking you guys in advance


Hey there, we’re a small Horde guild on Twisting Nether. We’re currently organizing events in our guild. Currently recruiting for raids which will be during the week at 9PM BST and on a Saturday night as well! If you’d like more info then please contact me on bnet - ackersass#2322

Thank you and good luck finding a guild!