Looking for info on old guild & members

Hello, so i’m looking to see if a guild I joined, raided and played with during Wotlk & Cata is still around or at least a group of members from it. During Wotlk I joined a guild called Sunlight on the realm Vek’nilash. I originally joined as a new player to the game but I levelled up and raided with them in ICC into late Cata. I left the guild late Cata and since then I bounced around servers and played on and off the game due to IRL friends or other interests. After all this time my most fond memories of the game was during my time in this guild and curiosity has eaten away at me if this guild is still around. I remember the members being very social and also the type that I believe still be playing today.

I know this is probably one heck of a long shot. But does anyone on the Vek’nilash server still around or knows anything about this guild? Wowprogress/Armoury lists it as still alive but it has only 5~ members with primarily offline characters for many years. My guess is a new guild was formed or somewhat.

I remember the guild leader going by the name Pam or Pav (can’t fully remember), and I remember some other names too. I did some research on the names and it’s possible some moved to a guild named Awakened? I also found a guild named Sunlight on Eonar that also has some names that seem familiar. It’s being so long it’s kinda fuzzy remembering these names xD

As for my history (for if anyone somehow knows me) I was an officer for a short while and the Druid Main Tank when the guild first killed the Lich king. Named Garandel

It would be awesome to see if this guild is still alive and kicking somewhere.

EDIT: Sorry i forgot to state that the guild was Alliance side

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