Looking for Mount Collecting Guild



I’m a veteran wow player since Vanilla and have recently come back to the game (for the umpteenth time in 15 years). I mainly spend my time mount collecting, farming legacy raids for mounts and attempting legacy achievements for mounts. I am happy to raid and do instances etc as well although gear is no longer important to me as every expansion it all gets reset anyway so seems like a waste of time investment in the long run.

I am looking for a guild who would also focus on mount collecting i.e. undertake guild achievements that yield mount rewards or camp rare mount dropping mobs like the TLPD in groups.

I am currently on Frostmane as Horde but would consider switching server for the right guild.

IF anyone out there has a guild like this please get in touch. I’d be an active member.

Add Energonjunki#2788

(Feidreva) #2

Hello there, maybe you could try with communities before switching guilds : List of Forum Communities V2 (Post yours here!)


Thank you very much