Looking for PVE guild

Hi there I just resubbed 3 weeks ago, leveled up this mage and 2 alts , they are all over 400 ilvl now.

I feel ready to start pushing keys and raiding.

My goal is to complete new raid in Hc , get ksm and enjoy the new mega dungeon.

I have a frost mage , ret paladin and shadow priest.

All horde but I’ve read I can join Alliance guilds now and raid with them. So I’d like to offer my time to a guild who will take me.

I was recently made unemployed so got alot of spare time on my hands. I have discord , headset and mic and all the necessary addons to play all three classes.

Many thanks

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Just off the top of my head…
horde: honorbound(moonglade), dragonclaw mercenaries(moonglade), voodoo(moonglade)
alliance: the wyld hunt (moonglade), famous last try(moonglade), flames of teldrassil (either moonglade or the sha’tar).
You’re welcome to also joined wicked, the guild I’m in, but activity is a quiet at the moment with summer.
And before you ask, you can now be in a guild of the opposing faction since a couple of patches ago. Its one of the newer quality of life updates to the game. But there are limits on some of the group activities you can do with opposing faction characters.

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Oh thanks , i just saw your response.

Got a couple of friends on Moonglade Horde looking for the same thing so I will let them know

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