Looking for raiding guild on Alliance

Hey guys i’ve been trying unsuccessfully to join a raiding guild on Horde. I know it’s been the summer and season 2 is almost over.

But i’m trying to find a guild to raid in Season 3 , new raid tier , push ksm and beyond in 10.2

Sadly I’ve whispered the horde guilds and they just aren’t interested in me. I was told my ilvl was too low or not enough experience. I’ve only started playing this toon since June.

So any Alliance guilds out there recruiting ? I don’t mind online applications and all that. I’ve got discord , headset and mic. I think i’m competent.

I’ve been trying to my hardest in the pug world , but I want to be pushing 20s and over I need a like minded organized group. I don’t really want to move servers this has been my home , since 2011. Never had trouble finding a guild in the past. Would be nice to stay where I am.

Thanks for the read , happy to answer any of your questions.

Given that Sha’glade Cartel is a small roleplay realm, I can imagine finding a guild might be difficult. Normally I would suggest moving to a non-RP realm, where finding a guild would no doubt be much easier, but if you’re adamant about staying here then I suggest joining one of the LFG Discords and working on networking from there. My M+ group is a mishmash of folks from different servers and it works like a charm.

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