Looking for raiding/mplus guild

Hello y’all, with season 4 around the corner and a new expansion on its way, I’ve been looking for a guild to enjoy raiding and pushing keys with.
I’ve got 2500 score on all 3 chars with feral being 2700.
I’m looking for a guild that raids primarily HC with dips into mythic difficulty, and doing 15-20 keys.
I’ve haven’t done much raiding outside of aotc this expansion but previous expacs I’ve done some mythic (3-4 bosses)
Currently I’m playing these characters but I’m always willing to try something new
276 eng, 278 feral and 276 hunter

(Questionable Outcome) Is currently looking for more dps for season 4 and onto Dragonflight, We’re Primarily a HC Aotc guild with various members, some such as myself have mythic raiding experience, once we’ve achieved Aotc and as long as we have the numbers we tend to then try mythic.
We also run Keys, some member’s more hardcore than others. We also often clear the Raiding Glory achievements and there’s always people farming old content. Most importantly we appreciate a good sense of humour and willingness to improve!

You can always message me on discord WEEZY PEANUT#7723 or in game: Wolfblud-stormscale.

Sounds interesting, what’s the current raid times set at?

Currently we raid Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 11pm server time!

Did you find a guild in the end?

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