Looking for Raids and m+


My guilds raiding has died a death sadly and I am currently seeking a new guild to raid with. Just swapped back to my old main of paladin and planning on protection and holy gameplay. Any guilds out there potentially looking for members?

Hi Kabolt, We are currently looking fora Holy Paladin for our HC raiding team.
Having Prot offspec is a nice feature aswell, as we usually switch some around in case of a fight demands certain things .

We are on Dragonmaw, Remnants of Valhalla - Hordeside, currently at 5/9 HC and 1 /9 Mythic.
We aim to clear HC and venture into Mythic when our setup allows too, in addition we run several M+ a week, solely to enjoy each others company in game, as well as other players we know from other servers.

Raidschedule is 20.00 - 23.00 ST, Wednesday and Sunday

So who are we besides this?
We are a group of friends dating back from Vanilla, who have stuck together for bad and worse, picking up new friends and friendly minded faces along the way.

We consider ourselves Casual to semi HC in progress, as our aim is to as a minimum do Curve, and then push into as much mythic as possible.

If you feel like giving us a whack or need me for a deeper convo or to try and participate in a Wednesday or Sunday raid before deciding what to do

look me up at Podolskí#2548
or find me/us on discord :discord.gg/kfNqag

I hope to hear from you.



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