Looking for Social/Raiding/PVP guild

Hey guys, My in-game name is TiaHeartBreak.Undead rouge (Currently lvl 12 writing this)! I just started playing classic again and my main focus is to look for a guild to fully enjoy the content of the game (dungeons, raids Pree Battlegrounds).Ive always wanted to play rouge and never got round to leveling one so i thought why not! I’m always in for a laugh and ready to help With years of admin/Mod experience as well as my own Guild in WolK with half progression! My experience with wow: I played in vanilla, tbc, wrotlk Didnt play MoP/Legion and of cause BfA !
Hope to hear from you guys soon !

hey mate, i am in < Lazy Peons > since i started playing. We have great community with 90+ population online in peak ( non-peak ~ 40-50 , but its like 03:00-08:00 AM so its normal for most of people to sleep then).We have any kind of level’s … Good Guild bank,Discord , Raid schedule , alot and many max proffesion’s that some of the people have very good recipe’s for PRE-RAID - etc gear’s no matter ( leather,mail,cloth,plate,engineer-gadgets) If you are interested /w me ingame to get instant guild invite. We are almost full on members cap so hurry up.Also i think we are looking for priest in main group ! :slight_smile:

    ---- Sorry for my English , i'm a little bit wasted right now :D 

                                       - Cheers , Iknowuwantit
                                          ...:::: Lazy Peons ::::...

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