Looking for Vanilla and TBC players

Where are you all??? Flerp, Anise? Ruin, Reborn, Restless, Flying circus guys?? Saw yourselves!

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Their all ded, mon.

Legends never die

They kinda do.
Also, ScumBags will forever be in the shadow of Dirty Horde.

Wow scumbags yes! Ninjapartio, Fallen from Grace! Anyone?? Fell so lonely after all these years

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Darksorrow died in Cata, I remember when I realised. When all the Horde guilds went alliance for PvP.

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Scumbags are coming back baby

I doubt Dirty Horde will return under that name That being said, I have sway in my guild and we will be going PvP, so it’ll be fun to ruin ScumBags all over again.

I dont think you ever once even managed to kill any of us in world pvp with your dire tier 1 weapons and 1800 arena ratings :joy::joy::joy:

last time i saw Flerp was back when we played on Feenix vanilla private server. like 2012-13 ish.

We’re busy planning for Classic

Hey, Pukkie from Uknown Immunity here,

Where do you guys/girls plan on playing? Would be very cool to have a chance of meeting some of the old folks again.

FC + friends are going Firemaw

Ha nice, thats a good coincidence cause I claimed 2 characters there too. Any chance I could join as social?

Dude i was thinking of u. Will u play classic?

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