Looking progression intrested guild for shadowlands (mythic raiding and mythic+ pushing)

Hey all,
I made a break after legion and didn’t play bfa . Now i am been back for some weeks and preparing for shadowlands.
I Played since cataclysm got decent raiding experience nothing insane but decent :slight_smile: Got allso some month raidleading experience from pandaria because i was forced to it.
I wanna get back to raiding mythic again on shadowlands and ofc push mythic +.

Characters i am atm considering as main :slight_smile:
Resto druid whit dps offspec ,Rogue (all specs),mage(all specs) Could consider other healer allso. Honestly as new expansion starts i could even consider tanking (got some experience but nothing great)but it is something i should learn litle more.
Still considering and testing.
if any of those specs intrest you please let me know :slight_smile: Have okish healing experience from cataclysm and draenor expansion.
I don’t wanna waste the time i have for gaming and i wanna progress on mythic and push high mythic +. I am willing to but a lot of effort.
I am 29 years old and father of 2 beautiful girls, Looking to join whit mature people. I am not intrested on drama i just wanna kill bosses have chat and some laughs :).
I allways come prepared.
Been back to this game arround 3 weeks been just leveling my characters back up.

if any of what i was writing intrests you please feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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