Looking to come back for SL Bladefist

Hey, assuming anyone reads this forum, I’ve already come back & resubbed ready for SL & I have a max lvl lock & Demon Hunter & am looking between almost definitely levelling my DK & maybe my druid &/or a priest (TF things are looking more alt friendly) though my options are open depending what’s needed & how the classes end up.
I’m looking for a pretty serious guild that I can join some peeps in preparing for the new XP, I’m not really bothering with BFA stuff but I haven’t really tanked or healed for a while but I know it’s within my abilities I need to practice with people who aren’t expecting to be carried by their betters (I’ll be their betters soon I’m sure, just cba explaining “I’ve not done this for years, bear with me” every new dungeon.
Shiit, I’m 10x better than I was 2/3 (long) dungeons ago, could do with speeding things up, if I really ain’t good enough after I’ve gained some time played, fine but I’m learning at an order of a magnitude slower pace without a guild.
THEN, with a bit of luck the guild I chose can keep up with my exponential growth!

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