Looking to get into roleplaying

how do i start ? and is there any specific places that people roleplay in ? , do i have to be in an rp server?
also please tell me if there’s anything else i should know

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I only play on Moonglade/Steamwheedle Cartel/The Sha’tar (connected RP realms), so other servers may be different from the ways I’m used to.

Big cities (faction capitals, expansion hubs, etc.) usually get a lot of players, but not all of those are roleplayers.

Writing this on mobile, I don’t remember if Draenor is an RP server, but that’d be my first advice; get a character on an RP server.

Check the server’s forum; on Sha’glade Cartel, people post about open RP events, and advertise their RP guilds. These posts should say where to go, when, and whom to contact.

If you read event and guild posts, try the ones that appeal the most to you.

Get an RP add-on: That way other players who have RP addons can see that you are an RPer.

In your RP addon info, you can write that you are new and want to get into WoW RP.

There are lots of good videos on YouTube with tips on how to roleplay various races and classes. Doronsmovies, Inquisitor Aura, and Queenvaru (YouTube channels) come to mind.

Think of a backstory that fits your character’s race, class, and age (even gender, in some cases).

Keep in mind that some of the cities/settlements we see in modern WoW were built relatively recently in Warcraft history.

(For example, a millennia-old night elf could not be born in Darnassus, because it did not exist until around 15 years ago.)

What drives/motivates your character?
Adventure? Revenge? Money? Power?

I get the impression that most RPers set their characters’ power levels significantly lower than that of a level 60 in-game character.

We do not one-shot our way through massive fortresses and 360-no-scope the Lich King…

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Will do , thanks a lot

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