Looking to RP an Forsaken

I am thinking of maining my DK for Shadowlands i do have to level them first and was wondering if there are any good Forsaken guilds that would also be helpful with my RP?

Depends what you’re looking for. Most DKs are siding with the Lich King but since you put Forsaken in your tag, you may be interested in siding with the Sylvanas Loyalists instead. I can recommend us the Ebon Onslaught, we’re recruiting all DKs into our guild whos premise is the basic Ebon/Lich King follower. However if you’re looking more to the Sylvanas side of things, I’d say Grim Gest or the Rotgarde are your best picks.

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I can point you in the way of the Rotgarde, a pro-Sylvanas guild of Forsaken. A big event is currently building up, so you might want to jump in quick!


join us in the darkness brother


There is also the Grim Gest that I am sure someone will link soon that has a similar theme but with less standard military + more void worship occultism. Both guilds work together a lot and it’s very cool / busy in daily RP


There’s a huge Forsaken RP scene on this server. Grim Gest and the Rotgarde should be places you should check out.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rotgarde and Grim Gest, and can say they are of the Best guilds on AD. As Perroy said, the former is more military and latter more of a cultist, antagonist one.

In case wanted to try Ebon Blade RP, Ebon Onslaught is there too.


And in case the hardcorness of Rotgarde as military unit does not suit you, but you are cool with military RP but in less intense way, Hand of Agony is recruiting too. Contacting anyone from us should have you sorted into right direction :smiley:

The hand of agony is also loyal to the Horde instead of sylvanas like the rotgarde and grim gest as i am aware! Do correct if it is wrong.

that is correct so

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